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Refill Candle

Refill Candle

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The Scent
The Vessel

Join the Refill Revolution with our Refillable Options!

As we wind down our Local Market Days we have decided to offer the Refill Bottles here for purchase as we set up our Local Refillery Shop. (Coming Soon! 2024)

It's so easy! You will buy the vessel once and then refill the candle as much as you like. 

We have four scents in our first collection:
1. Palo Santo 2. Nag Champa 3. Lavender 4. Laundry Day

Coming soon in 2024- Come in and make your own refill candle, choose and mix your own scent! come check out our new store! 


baking soda, cream of tartar, tapioca starch, coco betaine, castor oil,  slsa, kaolin clay, isopropyl alcohol(non-in the final product), organic plant seed oil, organic coconut oil, polysorbate, fragrance oil,  all-natural mica (inside color)

Made in Portland, Oregon USA


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