About Us!

Welcome to The Body Love Refillery! and thank you for being here! My name is Ke'ona and I am the founder/Owner of iBody Love a self-care refillery and gift shop.

On a journey to save the planet one refill at a time! Creating this business began with a personal realization and the importance of self-love. I discovered that taking care of myself, both mentally and emotionally, is not only essential but also transformative. It sparked a deep passion within me to share this message and provide a space where others could embrace self-love and prioritize their well-being.

For years, I struggled with feelings of self-doubt and neglecting my own needs while focusing on my kids and others. However, as I began to explore self-care practices and surround myself with positive influences, I experienced a profound shift in my life. I realized that self-love isn’t selfish (as cliché as that may sound); it's true and it’s a necessary foundation for personal growth, happiness, and authentic connections with others.

This realization led me on a quest to curate a collection of thoughtful gifts that not only make you laugh but to inspire and empower individuals to embrace self-love. I believe that each item in our shop holds the potential to spark joy, encourage self-reflection, and serve as a reminder of one’s inherent worthiness.

I am passionate about sourcing unique and high-quality products that align with our values of promoting self-care, mindfulness, laughter, and personal growth. I carefully select items that not only inspire but also serve as tools for self-discovery and self-expression.

iBODY LOVE is more than just a business to me, it’s a community. I am dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals can connect, share their experiences, and support one another’s journey towards self-love. We will host workshops, events, and provide resources to foster personal growth, encourage self-expression, and build a tribe of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of self-care.

Lastly, we're a Eco-Conscious Company - we try to take a sustainable approach with no unnecessary waste. We encourage you to reuse what you can and recycle what you can’t. We use recyclable & biodegradable packaging and shipping materials, and very little plastic as much as possible. Not only are we committed to a low waste, but we also donate 1% of sales to women's mental health non-profits.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you on your path to self-love and personal empowerment. Thank you for joining us on this journey of self-discovery, and I invite you to explore our handpicked collection of gifts that celebrate the beautiful, resilient, and deserving person that you are.


With love and gratitude,

Xo, Ke’ona



October 7th

Bipoc Craft Show | 1-6pm

8811 N Lombard St

Portland, Oregon

October 14th

KI Coffee- | 4-9pm

4655 SW Griffin Drive #160

Beaverton, Oregon 97005

October 21st

Lloyd Center | Inside the old Ulta Building

October 22nd

Lloyd Center | Inside the old Ulta building