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The Self-Care Project

Sustainable self-care made easy

We’re on a mission to create natural and sustainable beauty products. Small changes, make a big impact! and this includes your beauty routine. Every product in our store is tested and used by us. We created our solid range products to reduce waste and designed with sustainability at its heart.

Less Waste & More Love!

  •  Go makeup free more often. Show off that beautiful face of yours! Everyone can do this, no excuses! 
  • Use plastic free products! Try out our new shampoo bars and conditioners bars  , they are a great start to a sustainable hair care routine.
  • Multi-use makeup removers cloth can be more eco-friendly than single-use makeup wipes
  • Use more solid bath products that reduce plastic waste.
I Body Love is here to help you reduce waste in your beauty routine rituals + home. Join us as we continue to offer new products and fun ways to reduce waste!
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