"I Love Myself" Mindset of 2023!

"I Love Myself" Mindset of 2023!

"I Love Myself" Mindset of 2023!

Whoo-wee! we made it through another year! Cheers.

How do you feel?... I feel run-down, beat up, and dropped in the grasslands for the wolves to eat! so... I comment to a Self-Loving 2023! and I will be sharing ways I will be minding my own (small) business and lovin' myself this year and my "tippsy-tips" along the way on how you can too!

Follow along, comment, share or do the damn thang! that's yo bizziness!! Happy New Year, Love Bugs! xoxo, IBL

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Omg! Tipsy Tips!! 😂 Yes, girl! I’m here for it.
This hits home for me being a single mom and taking care of my self has always been on the back burner. The last couple of year I’ve really just let my self go and looking forward to loving me again.
I absolutely love all the products from IBL! I love everything about this brand! The hair mask and sugar scrubs are Bomb AF and my all time fav!
Cheers to the new me! 🍻

Kisha K

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